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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Second round of my log cabin centered quilt

Hello my stitch friends!  I was just so pleased when Miss Q came up with this idea.  As shown in my previous post I am resurrecting my very first attempt at quilting from 1979!  It was a very large log cabin (18 in. by 18 in.) in colors that I still love and in searching my stash I still had a couple of the fabbies!  Anyhoo, for my second round I decided to do a simple alternating block in a lovely polka dot that I bought several years ago just because I loved the colors (not remembering my long ago started log cabin when I bought them!).   Looking forward to my next round!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Roosting Robin Center - Thearica

Hi ladies.. My center was made by a board member who does not join us any longer.  Eula Burgess  aka "Yahootie" was one of the first friends I made on the forum.  Every time I hosted a swap she always joined.  This swap had 12 ladies and each one chose a month to create their design by.  Yahootie chose April and the Easter theme. I have used a few of my blocks for various things over the years and I still have this one left.  So it will be my inspiration for a wallhanging that will hang in my quilting studio once finished.


When Yahootie sent in her April blocks she sent me a Redwork Pig block as a thank you.  It became the center inspiration for my "It's All About Pigs" round robin that some of you may have worked on.  It was used on one of Nicki's Crazy Quilt RR's on the forum.  I absolutely LOVE how it turned out!

Carolyn painted these adorable pigs for me and added them to the piece!

And speaking of Carolyn... Here is the front cover of the magazine where I got the pattern to make Nicki's Victorian pincushion.  Sorry for the blur of light in the upper corner..

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Roosting Robin center

Hello Baker's Dozen!  So, I decided to use an old piece for my center for this Roosting Robin.  It is the first piece I pieced and quilted after I learned to quilt in 1979!  The fabrics appear to be all cotton but in varying weights.  Apparently I didn't have any batting because there are two layers of stretch light weight terrycloth that I have quilted through and no back!  This piece has been sitting around looking at me all of these years and I think this is the time and project to bring it into the present and make a lovely quilt for it to center.  Don't quite know how I am going to handle the terry cloth business...I may just "unquilt" it and start fresh with the center to use and surround it with rows to coordinate.  The piece is huge...measures 18" X 18"! Anyhoo, here is my RR quilt center...

Saturday, December 22, 2012

2013 - A Brand New Challenge

Hi ladies.  Our group has kind of taken a seat way, way in the back and I would love to bring it up front so we can begin to enjoy it once again.  A new year looms on the horizon so lets look at our blog with a renewed interest and a zest for creating together.

I would love to issue a new project but not do away with the challenges we had before.  I think if we all started on something new and all together different, then it might inspire us to get back to the themes from the onset of our blog as well.  Kind of like the dominoe effect... you start having fun and before you know it, you are anxious to keep creating.  :)

I would like to issue a Roosting Robin Challenge.

This is a round robin (or row robin if you prefer) but not in the normal way of doing it.  These robins never leave your house... you will start and finish your own round (or row) robin.  You will put together the first piece of your robin while the rest of us do the same.  We would then all show photos.  Then we would all add the next round or row to our own quilts and show photos when everyone is finished... and it continues like this until we all have our quilts completed. 

There are no guidelines to go by... fabric, design, size... ALL up to the quilt maker.

Our first photos would be due on January 31.  All subsequent photos would be due on the last day of each following month.

We would do 5 rounds after the center so by the end of June, you would have a completed quilt. (and hopefully some completed themes that have been waiting) ... :)

If there are any of you that do not want to do this, please do not feel obligated in any way.  I just want to try and bring some fun back to our blog. If you don't participate in the Roosting Robin, I do hope that you will work on the projects on the sidebar. :)

Merry Christmas everyone! and Happy New Year!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The latest

Just curious if we are going to be working on the rest of the themes?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hardware Project Done - Cross this one off the list!

Yep... finally starting to get caught up!  Over the past week I have completed 4 separate projects and got them in the mail.  For this Group I have finally finished my Hardware project.  Not exactly sure why it took me so long as I have had the embroidered part of it done for a couple of months and even the washers were dyed and ready to be sewn on!

Anyway... here's my contribution to the Hardware Project.  I decided to try and create an embroidered  design using the buttonhole stitch with a heavy pearl cotton thread and some variegated yarn.  I like the way it came out so connected the circles with a chain stitch.  I then decided to sew it to a black background to make the colors pop. I actually used some of that stained glass black bias tape to attach the embroidered piece to the background - gave it a cleaner finish to the edge.   Looking for something that would compliment the circles, I went snooping in Rob's "Man Cave" and found a drawer full of washers in all sizes.  I washed them up with some alcohol and then used some alcohol dyes in various colors on them.  Once the dyes were dry. I put on a couple coats of clear fingernail polish to give them some added shine and to seal them.  I sewed them onto the fabric by using some clear mono thread so the washers would look like they were floating.  Overall I think it came out great and love the contrast between the pastel colors of the thread,  the elegance of the silk and satin fabrics and the hard metal of the washers.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

New Hardware Collage

We still have 5 more Hardware pieces to come in.  How are you ladies coming along on those?